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Belly dance and yoga retreat Morocco 2020!

October 2020

After two successful years of running our Bellydance and Yoga Retreat in Morocco, we are planning the next one in October 2020. Dates still to be decided. If you are interested in joining or staying up-to-date on the new retreat, please send a message to info@mirellasaraswati.com and I’ll keep you posted. For an impression of previous years, please see Past Retreats below.

Following a truly inspirational week expertly guided by Andrea and Mirella I returned home feeling rested, fit and well with abundant positive energy. It has kick-started a new and healthy approach to life supporting my body with balanced clean nutrition, yoga exercises and relaxing meditation. I cannot recommend Andrea and Mirella highly enough and thank them for a wonderful experience in Morocco


UK, Morocco Yoga Detox Retreat, Feb '15

An excellent yoga retreat. Andrea and Mirella are an awesome tandem with great energy and vision. The combination of the fresh and delicious detox diet, variety of yoga styles, meditation and all the other activities led to impressive results: my chronic fatigue disappeared, I felt lighter, stronger and aligned. This was a powerful experience thanks to the impressive devotion of Mirella and Andrea who shared all their passion and knowledge with us. I highly recommend this yoga retreat.


Bulgaria, Ibiza Raw Food Detox Retreat

I absolutely loved my Ibiza retreat with Andrea and Mirella. The yoga was just wonderful with Andrea’s fantastic all round wealth of knowledge. It was great for me to really get into the other areas of Yoga that I am not so familiar with and it gave me plenty to contemplate and learn, so thank you! Mirella, your food was just wonderful… it was exactly what I needed to get me inspired to be super healthy again.


UK, Ibiza Yoga Detox Retreat, Oct '14

My mum and I attended a must needed Yoga Retreat and Raw Food on the beautiful island of Ibiza. We both felt Andrea inspired us so much on not only the yoga field but as well as other areas of life. Mirella has prepared the most wonderful food and gave us many tips of cooking healthily in an easy way. We loved the experience and would highly recommend to others!


The Netherlands, Ibiza Raw Food Detox Retreat, April '16

Past Retreats…

Belly dance and yoga retreat Morocco 2019

October 2019 (fully booked)

Wake up in the beautiful countryside of Morocco, experience connection and fun and move forward with intention. Take a journey to an exotic place and connect to your feminine energy during this weeklong yoga retreat in Morocco.

Belly dance and yoga retreat Morocco

October 2018 (fully booked)

Take a journey to an exotic place and connect to your feminine energy during this weeklong yoga retreat in Morocco. Combining mindfulness, yoga, belly dance, intention setting and healthy nutrition you will feel lighter, more clear and inspired at the end of your retreat.

Boutique Yoga Retreat, Merida, Mexico

Nov 2016 (ended)

Feed your adventurous spirit, dance on the streets of Merida, swim in hidden caves, explore ancient Maya ruins and stroll around in colonial charm. This retreat allows you to discover the new, let go of every day stresses and reconnect to your inner joy.

Iceland Yoga Retreat winter edition

February 2016 (Ended)

Step into the winter wonderland of fire and ice! Our Yoga Retreat Iceland is the perfect opportunity to explore outside & inside, deepen your yoga practice, take time for reflection, eat healthy food, reconnect with nature, and relax in one of the most beautiful natural places in the world!

Ibiza Yoga Detox Retreat

April 2015 (Fully Booked)

Submerge yourself in a peaceful detoxifying environment, deepen your yoga practice, learn about nutrition & healthy cooking, cleanse and relax in Ibiza this coming spring. After a week on this magical island with us you’ll feel renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, we promise!

Expand Yoga Retreat, Ibiza, Spain

OCT 2017 (ended)

Stay with us in the quiet Ibiza country side. Our yoga retreat in Ibiza will relax, rejuvenate and expand body, mind and soul by combining inspiring yoga and meditation sessions with healthy vegetarian food and a chance to dive deep and connect to your inner self.

Boho Chic Glamping Retreat, Tulum, Mexico

NOV 2016 (fully booked)

Spend a week in bohemian luxury while exploring beaches, temples and jungle during this Boho Chic Glamping Retreat filled with inspiring yoga, meditation and fresh organic food.

Liquid Detox, Bowen Island, Canada

Nov 2016 (fully booked)

Leave behind the usual distractions of life and arrive in a space of nourishment, movement, self-reflection and discovery. Reconnect with your internal happiness.

Yoga Retreat Morocco, Feb 2016

Feb 2016 (fully booked)

Join us for a yoga retreat in Morocco this coming winter! Whether you are new to yoga or deepening your existing practice, you’ll gain a stronger awareness of your mind, body and spirit connection after your Morocco Yoga Detox Retreat.

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