How clean is your produce?

by | Jul 22, 2016

I really support eating fresh local and organic produce. However, one of the complaints I hear most is that of organic produce being way more expensive! And that is often true, organic produce is more expensive than non-organic produce. However here are some important tips that can greatly help your expenses:

Shop smartly: Only buy what you need. Before you go shopping, think about what you will need and make a list. If you go out shopping with no plan you often end up buying more than you need and may actually waste things. Also, when buying nutrient dense food, you will find you may actually need less food.

Shop local and seasonal: some local organic produce is cheaper than imported organic produce. Not only better for the environment, but better for you wallet too! If you wait for stuff to be ‘in season’ it will be lots cheaper than buying it out of season. I find that in fall and winter it’s easy to stock up on root vegetables, cabbages and winter squash. Whereas in spring and summer there are plenty of greens and fruits abundant.

Choose which produce to buy organic and which to buy non-organic: the Environmental Working Group has some great information on pesticides on food. If you can’t afford to buy all organic, their ‘ Clean 15′ list can show you which fruits and vegetables have the least amount of toxins on them and are safest to buy non-organic. Whereas the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list shows which produce you’re better of buying organic because they have the highest amounts of pesticides on them. I’ve written down the list here. For more information follow this link to the EWG website.

So now you know how to shop wisely for your health and budget, happy shopping!


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