About Mirella

Nutrition Consultant / Yoga Teacher / Yoga Retreat Organizer


I’m a 500-hr certified yoga teacher and concluded both TTC and Advanced TTC at the Sivananda ashram yoga retreat in the Bahamas. I  have served as staff at this retreat yearly to deepen my practice and continue education in yoga & meditation. Since initially starting yoga in 2009 I have continued my practice with other teachers and styles like vinyasa, ashtanga and vipassana meditation.

Yoga introduced me to Ayurveda. The personal nature of Ayurveda and implementing nutrition according to the individual made so much sense to me that I decided to deepen my knowledge on the subject. In 2011 I studied Ayurvedic nutrition with the Academy of Ayurvedic studies in Amsterdam. What I learned there still forms the underlying basis of my work as a nutrition consultant and chef. I now work with clients all over the world on their individual health goals like losing weight, increasing energy and improving digestion. I use a combination of Ayurveda and modern nutrition with practical skills to organize a lifestyle that benefits each individual.

I have cooked professionally since 2009 when I started as a lunch chef in Amsterdam and continued to develop my skills in vegetarian, vegan and raw food preparation. Since then I have cooked for yoga & meditation retreats worldwide as well as hosted workshops in vegan cooking. In 2014 I organized my first yoga retreat and to Ibiza and continue to host retreats till this day in beautiful locations like Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Iceland and Bali. In 2017 I helped start up Nourish Cafe in Aruba, owned by Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen, for which I designed the menu and served as manager and creative chef for a year.

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